Nox Terra is lead by crew of Officers. These people are the ones responsible for the path the guild takes and rules the guild is using. However the members will be consulted on any major decisions that we feel will massively affect the structure/running of the guild.

Officers are responsible for running guild by the clearly stated rules. Any questions about the guild, raids or other things should be directed to them first. Every officer in Nox Terra has his role and responsibilities clearly stated within the various aspects of guild functioning.

Trial Members

New players in Nox Terra are regarded as on a trial membership for an initial period of variable length. The trial may be shorter depending on skill and contribution to the community in general. There is no clearly stated time frame for trial period.

During this period a trial member is required to participate in raids.

Leaving the guild and rejoining

Supposing for some reason you decide that you want to leave the guild and /gquit but then a few weeks later want to rejoin, in that case if we decide to bring you back in, you will be given lowest rank in guild and your raid priority will be below Recruit rank for a non stated time period. Remember that the grass isn’t greener on the other side!

If you are found to have made an application to another guild while still in Nox Terra you will be removed as it is assumed that you no longer wish to be a part of our community.

General Behaviour

Please remember that as a member of Nox Terra you are a representative of the guild, so please try to avoid doing anything which may reflect badly on us, this includes but is not limited to:

– Spamming of public chat channels

– Abusive treatment of other players

– Posting inflammatory statements on Warcraft Forums

Performing these acts may be detrimental to your position in the guild.

Golden rule to follow is: You get toxic, you get booted out. Simple as that.

General raiding rules

Be on time!

Being late might lose you your slot. There is a penalty for no shows.

If a raid is set to start at 20:00 then be outside the instance at least 15 min in advance. Remember there are more people than just you joining the raid so try to be on time to avoid holding up the raid and all the other players. But because of nature of our raiding times exclusion for this rule may apply if you contact Officers about being a bit late or to request a postponement of raid start for couple minutes.

Invites will start approximately 15 minutes before the raid start. Once the raid is full anyone not in the raid will have the option to “be on hold” for that raid. While “on hold” for the raid, as long as you remain contactable (so that you can be used as a replacement) for the duration of the raid you will be given priority spot in upcoming raids. Exclusion to this may apply if we find that your class is not suitable for some of progress encounters.

There will always be a few officers in charge of the raid, they will handle the loot system and raid.

Do not spam the Raid channel in case the instance leader needs to inform the raid of strategies or similar, try to talk in /s or /w for spam.

During raids Discord communication should be clear so don’t spam other members.  During pulls on bosses only designated raid leaders/callers are allowed to talk and give instructions. Keep comms clear!

AFKs – If you have to go AFK suddenly then please try and inform an officer, going afk in a way that affects the raid will result with removal from raid and losing priority on spot in upcoming raids.

Raid Sign up rules

Officers update the raid calendar on a regular basis with new raids so keep an eye on it.

Please try and sign up to raids minimum six (6) hours before raid as it is very useful for officers while planning raids. If you’re unsure if you can attend then sign up as “Tentative” and inform officers about it. Any sign up that is made after six (6) hours prior to raid will be marked as declined, only exclusion can be made for players that informed Officers about nature of problem why or when they will be able or know can they or can they not raid.

During progression Officers will ask you to sign up to raids at least 1-2 days before raid start so we can easily plan ahead.

Unanswered sign up or declined signup with no explanation or reasons given will result in losing priority on spot in upcoming raids.


All players must raid with a boss mods, we recommend either Bigwigs or Deadly Boss Mod, but if you prefer another mod than that, it is acceptable as long as it functions.

Angry Assignments addon is mandatory to have up and running next to Weak Auras.

And last one is Discord with working mic and headset.

Reagents, consumables and other important stuff

Do not come to a raid unprepared, make sure you have flasks, mana pots, healing pots, runes or other DPS pots.

All raiders should join raid channel before the instance begins.


We use Discord for raids to discuss tactics and other things so make sure you have it installed and set up.

You do not have to talk but all members participating in the raid must be logged on to our Discord server as all tactics and other important information are discussed through it.

Discord server login information can be found in the guild information tab in game.


All members are expected to carry flasks and food as well as suitable potions for your class. Guild bank will be giving flasks/pots and food to raiders, but you can’t rely on that all the time, so be prepared.

Members that have Herbalism/Alchemy as professions are more then welcome to assist in gathering the needed pots/herbs for our raids. If you have any mats you would like to donate then please deposit them in the guild bank.


All raiders can ask the guild bank for enchanting mats for enchants on their PvE gear, these are gathered from disenchanted instance loot and are provided free of charge as long as you contribute to guild bank.

Special Drops

Special loot will be assigned by the officers to an individual player, no rules can apply to this.

Officer final word

In all raid handling that happens in this guild Officers have a final word in case we feel something is wrong.

Officer word is final. – if you feel that you’re being mistreated please contact another officer.

Repair Bills

You pay your own way. However during progress raids Officers may decide to help with the burden of repair costs by using some of the Guild Bank gold.


As a member of Nox Terra you are obligated to keep an eye on wow related forums and web sites to make sure you are up to date on tactics and other information regarding raids.

There are many videos out there for raids that are currently still being developed so use them, they are a vital source of information.

Raid leaders will not tell the raid tactics for a known boss during a raid, if a player hasn’t read the tactic posts on web he/she will be exchanged for a player that has. However, if you have read the tactics and need some clarification then please ask the raid leader to explain BEFORE the encounter starts.


Everyone should keep one of their two specs as the best current PvE build for their class, this should be researched on forums and in game prior to raids, not tested during raids.

Occasionally officers may ask a player to respec for a specific encounter.

/Nox Terra Officers